Ridgid Pipe Threader

Featured 535A RIDGID Pipe Threader

Featured 535A RIDGID Pipe Threader


RIDGID is the brand name of the Ridge Tool Company of Elyria, OH. RIDGID, now a division of Emerson Electric Company, was founded in the 1920's as a manufacturer of professional plumbing and HVAC tools.




  • Lifetime warranty which covers everything except normal wear and tear products like cutting dies, filters, oil, drain cables and cutters.
  • Dependable heavy duty machines for maximum up-time, superior quality threads and minimal threading time.
  • Industry’s widest selection of hand and power threading equipment.
  • Manual “hammer” type chuck and “auto-chuck” models.


Pipe Threaders; Yesterday and Today

Pipe threading machines are used to create the thread design on the end section of a pipe. By using a Pipe Threader, you can create uniform pipe threads. At one time, Pipe Threaders were the domain of large scale manufactuers used to create mass produced threaded steel pipes. A heavy duty power Pipe Threader will not only create the threads on the end of the pipe, but can also cut the pipe into workable sections.

Today, the process for pipe threading and pipe cutting has been refined to the point that you can purchase reasonably priced Pipe Threaders for use on a construction site. This has made it possible for construction and plumbing professionals to cut a section of pipe and add the right configuration of threads to a pipe while at the job site. This has greatly increased the efficiency in which plumbers can finish a job. Portable units are relatively inexpensive and may be ideal for homeowners who prefer to do their own plumbing work around the house.

Along with increased efficiency and lower maintenance costs, pipe threading machines are now designed to work with materials besides metal. This means you can thread pipes made with various types of plastic or resin with no fear of overheating or damaging the final product.

Pipe threaders have come a long way since the 1920's and one company has been synonymous with the term Pipe Threader. Hands down, when I think of the best pipe threading equipment made, the only name that comes to mind is RIDGID.

Featured Products

RIDGID 535A Automatic Threading Machine

Featured RIDGID 535A

Featured RIDGID 535A Automatic Threading Machine


The Model 535A maintains the ruggedness a workhorse Pipe Threader while adding features to make threading operations more productive. A large chip tray and oil reservoir make the RIDGID 535A ideal for longer uninterrupted threading. The 535A features a high clearance carriage that makes the threading operation easier.

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RIDGID 700 Hand Held Power Pipe Threader

Featured RIDGID 700 Hand Held Power Pipe Threader

Featured RIDGID 700 Hand Held Power Pipe Threader


The RIDGID 700 is the premiere hand held power driven Pipe Threader. It comes with either a reversible 115V or 230V universal motor and can thread pipe of a diameter of 1/8" all the way up to a 2" pipe. With a few additional accessories, It can even be modified to handle 2 1/2" pipe through 6" pipe.

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RIDGID Model 1210 Oil-less Threading Machine

Featured RIDGID Model 1210 Oil-less Threading Machine

Featured RIDGID Model 1210 Oil-less Threading Machine


The RIDGID 1210 Pipe Threader offers an unbeatable combination of portability and clean operation in a rugged package designed for jobsite threading. With the Model 1210, you can thread virtually anywhere: in basements, on rooftops, even in finished rooms! Thread where you install and save time and effort.

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