1. Is www.pipe-threader.com a store?

www.pipe-threader.com is a Shopping Information portal (SIP) created to enhance the overall online shopping experience by providing product information, video commentary and product tours with live market pricing feeds. We use a custom programmed script that updates prices from Amazon and Ebay in real time. please use our use our website as a free research pricing tool. If you see something you would like to purchase, you do need to be registered with eBay before you place your bid. Registering is quick and easy.

2. Is there a charge to use eBay or this websites services?

There are no hidden charges whatsoever. Aside from shipping costs the eBay seller is responsible for paying all fees, not the buyer.

3. Are you showing all of the best bargains eBay has to offer or just some from preferred buyers.

We have no preferred buyers. Any seller on eBay who passes our pricing filters will show up on our websites listings for you to take advantage of finding only the best bargains. All items are listed by shortest time left in the auction.

4. Do you offer a return policy?

Since we are not the end provider of the product, we do not have a return policy. You need to contact Amazon or the ebay seller to resolve any product return issues. Both vendors offer customer service and protection from faulty products.

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