Return Policy

Where did you purchase your item, Amazon or Ebay?

Amazon's Return Policy
Please visit site for more detailed info.

General Returns Policy

Read their full General Returns Policy for information on exchanges, and for further details and policy exceptions.

Product-Specific Returns Policies

Some items (such as toys, jewelry, or electronics) may have special returns policies. Please visit their Product Specific Policies Return Help page for more information. This page also contains policies for items purchased from third-party Merchants or Marketplace sellers.


See their Refunds page for more details.

Ebay's Return Policy
Please visit site for more detailed info.

Each seller on ebay has their own return policy. Even though 99% of the transactions on ebay are without any problems, it is still very important to review the return policy in the product listing before bidding on or buying the item on ebay. If you have any problems, contact the seller. If the seller is unresponsive, then you can file a claim with ebay to get a refund.

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