Ridgid 1210 Power Pipe Threader

RIDGID 1210 Pipe Threader

RIDGID 1210 Pipe Threader


Oil-less operation provides clean, cool, virtually dry thread.
Light-weight, portable design – only 59 lbs.
Oil-less Gold Dies™ produce superior quality threads.
Self-contained with all the tools needed to cut, ream and thread.
Compact foot switch with integral storage clip.
Two carrying handles.
CSA approved.
Approved to UL standards (NRTLC).


Pipe Capacity: 1/2" – 1" (12-25mm).
Motor: 1/2 HP, 115V universal 25-60 Hz.
Motor Control: Heavy-Duty Toggle ON/OFF with integral Foot Switch.
Spindle Speed: 25 RPM right hand operation.
Chuck: Hammer-type with replaceable inserts; cam action rear chuck.
Coolant System: Through-the-head with integral coolant reservoir; self-priming gerotor pump; 20 oz. reservoir capacity.

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