Ridgid 535 Pipe Theader

RIDGID 535A Pipe Threader

RIDGID 535A Pipe Threader


Large 1.75 gallon oil tray.
100% larger chip tray.
Generous top cover for keeping tools and fi ttings handy.
Speed chuck with rocker-action jaws centers and grips work piece instantly.
Can be used with geared threaders Models 141 and 161.
Uses Model 816/817 semiautomatic, Model 815A self-opening or Model 811A quick-opening die heads.
Length gauge for quick, accurate cut-off.
CSA approved.
Approved to UL standards (NRTLC).


Pipe Capacity: 1/8"-2" (3mm-50mm) 2 1/2"-4" (62mm-100mm), 4"-6" (100mm-150mm) with 141 and 161 geared threaders.
Bolt Capacity: 1/4"-2" (6mm-50mm).
Motor: 1/2 HP, single-phase, 115V, 25-60 Hz, 15 amp reversible universal motor.
Switches: FOR/OFF/REV and Integral safety foot switch.
Chuck: Speed Chuck™ with replaceable rocker-action jaw inserts (3).
Rear Centering Device: Cam-action, turns with chuck.
Cutters: self-centering, full-floating. Two models available:
– One (1) Standard. No. 820 Wheel-Type Cutter, pipe capacity 1/8"-2" (3mm-50mm), bolt capacity 1/4"-1" (6mm-25mm).
– Two (2) Optional. No. 821 Blade-Type cutter, pipe capacity 1/2"-2" (12mm-50mm). See ordering chart.
Spindle Speed: 36 RPM standard (no load), 54 RPM model also available.

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