Ridgid 700 Pipe Theader


RIDGID 700 Power Drive

RIDGID 700 Power Drive

Heavy-duty hand-held power drive.
Features reversible 115V or 230V universal motor.
Capacity 1/8"-2" (3mm-50mm) pipe. Designed for RIDGID No. 12R die heads. Other RIDGID die heads (00R, 00RB, 11R) using adapters, threading 2 1/2" through 6" (62mm-150mm) with 141/161 geared threaders.
CSA approved.
Approved to UL standards (NRTLC).


Motor:     Universal, 1/2 HP, 115V or 230V 25-60 Hz.
Switch:     Double-throw reversible.
Gear Head:     All-spur gear reduction. Spring-loaded adapter pawl. Hardened steel spindle gear.
Body:     Cast aluminum.
Spindle Speed:     32 RPM (no load).
Capacity:     1/8"-2" Pipe (30mm-50mm); 1/4"-1" (6mm-25mm) Bolt (using 00-RB)
Weight:     25 lbs. (11 kg) Power Drive only.
Length:     28 1/4" (71.7 cm).

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