RIDGID Seesnake

RIDGID Seesnake

RIDGID Seesnake

2'' to 12'' Lines
For the most reliable and rugged pipe inspection camera … SeeSnake Plus, built tougher for unmatched durability, reliability and performance.


100% hardened stainless steel camera head spring assembly for increased durability.
Inspects 2" lines and larger:
– 2" 90s.
– 3" P-Traps.
Rugged, high-intensity lights for improved reliability.
Flexible transmitter makes locating easier and is fully compatible with RIDGID NaviTrack II and NaviTrack Scout locators.
Also available in an always upright, self-leveling option.
Compatible with any SeeSnake monitor.
The best choice if you plan on purchasing only one camera.

At less than 20 pounds, this system offers fast setup for quick inspections. Its ultra portability makes this camera an excellent complement to your SeeSnake Plus.

Standard Equipment

Power Source
Battery port for use with optional 14.4V battery.
AC/DC operation.

Monitor System

High-resolution monitor.
Power on/off button with step function dimming.
Splash-resistant case with built in sunshade.
Video In/Out jack.
Power indicator light.
Interconnect cord.

Camera System

Scratch-resistant, debris-shedding, flush-mounted sapphire lens.
Integrated transmitter.
Durable stainless steel camera head assembly and tapered spring assembly.


100' of push cable.
Debris-capturing, rotating drum with mercury-free slip ring.
Counter to display distance on monitor in feet and inches.


Rust-resistant roll-cage frame.
Skid-resistant feet for stability.

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